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iPhone 12 Cross Body Phone Case – Grey

Please note that customisation graphics are provided to give you a guided preview of your chosen design. The final product may have slight variations in the event that we need to scale your name initials or quote to fit your item.

Our Cross Body Phone Case frees up your hands and allows you to carry your phone case in a cross body style that not only looks stylish, but is safe and secure as well. Personalise with your name or initials for a case that is all about you!



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Choose your Strap

  • Cross Body Phone Chain- Gold $26.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Aqua Marine $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Black (Black Hardware) $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Black (Gold Hardware) $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Pearl $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Peach $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Grey $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Gold/Blue $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Blue/Red $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Black/White $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Blush Nude $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Steel Blue $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (CORD)- Brown $20.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (NYLON)- Black $26.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (NYLON)- Khaki $26.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (NYLON)- Gold $26.00 USD
    Cross Body Phone Strap (NYLON)- Rose Gold $26.00 USD

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Please note that customisation graphics are provided to give you a guided preview of your chosen design. The final product may have slight variations in the event that we need to scale your name initials or quote to fit your item.
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Wearable Technology is all the rage at the moment as you have the convenience of carrying your tech on your body and with personalised style! Constructed from high quality TPU material, our cross body phone case comes in an array of colours and is compatible with our wide range of detachable cords and straps that instantly turn your cross body phone case into a wearable bag style. 

To remove the strap, remove your mobile device from the case and easily unhook the strap and the hardware in one move, leaving you with a stand-alone chic case that will fit in any bag.


The Cross Body Case does not guarantee the integrity of your smartphone.

Scratches may occur due to playing around with your strap/cord, so please handle with care and at your own risk.

When using this case with a cord, we advise you to screw the end cap tightly to the cord as it may loosen overtime and sometimes needs to be retightened.

General Information

The best way to keep your customised leather product in great condition is to treat it right. While you don’t need to handle it like glass it’s always a good idea to know how to properly care for it. Leather is a naturally absorbent material and tends to soak up most substances it comes into contact with, including oils. Therefore it’s important to keep your hands clean while using your leather product as the oils produced by your skin can darken the leather and leave stains on the material.

General Protection

For added layers of protection, purchasing leather cream or wax is a good investment. Natural creams and wax are preferable as they enrich the leather and create a stronger deterrent against dirt and moisture. Additionally, the added layer of protection also helps against superficial abrasions and lacerations.

Always use a dedicated leather care product and make sure to follow the instructions stated by the manufacturers for any specific product you choose to use.


Moisture is often the cause of damage for most leather products, attempting not to use your leather items in rainy or snowy climates would be the best preventative measure against this. Getting the leather wet can lead to loss of shape. If you do get your leather product wet, make sure to deal with it immediately by using a towel or cloth and dabbing it dry. Allow the leather to air dry afterwards, do not attempt to use a hair dryer or clothes dryer.

If moisture is unavoidable or you simply don’t want to take the risk, there are a number of waterproofing sprays available for purchase. While the most effective tool against moisture, most waterproofing sprays do need time to bond with the leather. Make sure to give your product time to dry and a quick check before using it. Organic waterproofing sprays are the best to use when dealing with natural leathers and offer greater protection for leathers which are lighter in colour.


Conditioning your leather product once every few months is highly recommended. Like all leather goods, our products also need some leather cream or oil to bring back some of its lustre. Leaving your leather product vulnerable to natural aging is always a gamble, while leather ages beautifully, if not properly maintained it could also lead to cracking or shrinkage. Conditioning your leather goods will not only prevent that but also keep your product looking as good as the day you purchased it.

Long Term Storage

As much as we love our accessories, we don’t always have a need for them. Properly storing away your leather products is a relatively quick and easy process. Keep your items in their dust covers, these can be your personal ones or the covers TPP provide you with. If you are not in possession of any dust bags, a thin blanket could work as a good replacement.

Items such as our TPP bags and cases can lose their shape if packed away in a cramped space. Preventing this is as easy as filling them with something like paper or bubble wrap. Try not to use newspaper as the ink can easily rub off onto the inside. The best place to store your valuables is in the back of your closet and away from direct sunlight.

Step by Step Cleaning Process

  1. Begin by emptying the contents of your product. If you are cleaning your bag, travel or cosmetic cases we recommend you vacuum the inside of it to effectively rid it of any dirt or residue build-up. Make sure to use a soft brush attachment to avoid any harsh treatment.
  2. Then dust your leather product by using a dry microfiber cloth.
  3. Once complete, start cleaning the leather by applying a small amount of water to a microfiber cloth. Make sure the cloth you use is clean and damp, do not use too much as an excess amount of water will damage the leather. When cleaning, press the damp cloth softly over the leathers surface, rubbing too harshly could remove the colouring.
  4. The last step is to dry your leather product, the best way to dry it is to dab any remaining moisture with a dry microfiber cloth before turning your bag inside out (if possible) and waiting for it to dry. Avoid leaving all leather products in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


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